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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How often do you bill?

Billing cycles are an average of 60 days in length. You should receive a bill during the last week every other month.

2. What is the adjustment that appears on my bill?

Fees and penalties are billed under the adjustment category. They include late fees, address and name changes, new account set up charges, etc.

3. Are water bills estimated or are the meters actually read?

All are read electronically; the reads are entered directly into the reading device. The memory capacity allows for only the current read to be stored preventing estimation as the previous reads are not stored. If a meter is inaccessible to the reader, the meter will be read during the next billing cycle and the customer will receive a bill for actual usage for these months.

4. Can my water bill's due date be changed?

The district consists of 55 meter routes. Approximately half of these routes are read and billed each month. With so many meters to be read and calculated it is not possible to change individual account due dates.

5. Can I make payment arrangemnets?

Under extreme circumstance the District is allowed to make payment arrangements and work with customers to assure that their balances are paid. Generally, the District may not make payment arrangements.

The District is allowed to make adjustments to bills where an undetected leak does not become apparent until the bill received. Please see checking for leaks for more information.

6. What forms of payment does the District accept?

Currently the District accepts checks, money orders, cash, and Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards. Auto pay service is available on an on-goingbasis (until written authorization of cancellation is received) and is set up on your water/sewer account so that the amount is withdrawn from your checking account on the due date printed on your bill. Please see Auto Pay Authorization for more information. The District also has Auto Pay through your credit card.

7. How much notice is needed to setup new service?

In the majority of instances new service accounts can be set up over the phone with name, number, and billing address.  If the account is in good standing the water is already on.  Please see Opening/Closing Accounts for more information.

8. Why is my bill so high?

Undetected leaks are often to blame.  Silent leaks can be responsible for wasting hundreds of gallons of water daily.  The most common type of leak is a “toilet leak”; this kind is generally inexpensive and easy to repair.  Checking for leaks through out your system may indicate other sources of water loss.  Please see Checking for Leaks for further information.

Increases in water usage, particularly during hot weather months, result in higher bills.  Reading your meter before and after watering will help give some indication of how much water is being used.

Occasionally a meter (non – electronic) is mis-read.  If you suspect a “mis-read” as the reason for your high bill, please call us.  The District will re-read your meter and make any necessary adjustments.

9. Why is my water off?

Occasional service interruptions are necessary for various reasons such as flushing, main maintenance, main breaks, and hydrant repair/replacement.  Customers are given 24-hour notice of scheduled service interruptions.  Weather cold enough to freeze meters can also cause interruption of service.  Non – payment of bills will result in interruption of service until the past due balance is paid in full.

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