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West Sound Utility District has 3301 sewer accounts and provides sewer service to over 12,000 people. Not everyone in the District is served by sanitary sewer. Many of the older homes and neighborhoods continue to be served by privately-owned septic tank and drainfields. In accordance with the Growth Management Act, sanitary sewer is limited to established urban areas. As such, the District serves 5.5 square miles in the South Kitsap Urban Growth Area. It also serves the Beach Drive and Watauga Beach communities. These water front areas are rural, but were connected to sanitary sewer to resolve water quality issues.

The City of Port Orchard owns and operates its own wastewater collection system. The City serves its citizens and McCormick Woods. Manchester is served by the Kitsap county wastewater plant and collection system which is located in that community.


Lower PO Lift Station

The District has a crew of 5 to maintain its 45 miles of sewer mains and 370 residential sewer pumps. The District also has 11 lift stations that pump wastewater to the Joint Wastewater Treatment Facility. The District has an aggressive inspection and cleaning program to minimize sewer spills. The District has computerized maintenance scheduling to flush and TV every sewer main in a five-year cycle. Problem areas are inspected every 6 to 12 months. The crew also assures that businesses regularly inspect their grease traps.

The District also works with the Washington State Parks to provide wastewater treatment for Blake Island. 

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